What to Keep in Mind before Going to a Strip Club

For some guys, a visit to a gentleman’s club is a rite of passage. Whether you are visiting a strip club for the first time or you are a regular customer, there are some things you must keep in mind before you walk through the darkened-out door. Knowing more about how to act and behave at a strip club will help you get the best experience and fun. Most gentlemen’s clubs near Miami will treat you nicely if you act right. Before you head to the club, remember the following:

Be a Gentleman

If you are like most men, you may see a chick on stage dancing and look at her as an object of your desires. Every stripper at a club understands that you are after the fantasy. And they will appreciate it if you behave and be a gentleman. Make sure to treat every stripper with respect. Speaking with strippers in a kind way may have you treated well in return.

Understand that Strippers are at Work

Remember that strippers at the club are trying to make a living. Thus, if a dancer sits with you in between her sets, she expects you to give her a tip. You must tip even if you are just talking and enjoying her company. An exotic dancer’s time is as valuable as all of us who want to work and survive in this world. If the dancer is showing interest in you, remember that it is usually in a professional way. Part of a stripper’s job is to mingle and flirt and you must tip her when she chose to spend her time with you.

Go Out Only If You Have Cash

If you don’t have cash on you, it is best to stay home. If you visit a strip club, you must be ready to pay for entertainment. Usually, it will be tacky to just sit at the bar and watch the strippers from afar and not tip them. But, the worse is to sit closer to the stage and not tip them. Sitting by the stage means you are participating in the entertainment, so don’t just look away and avoid giving a tip. Oh and tips should not be dollar bills. Give at least two dollars.

Moreover, if you choose to sit right by the stage, make sure to watch the dancers. Not watching is considered rude in their eyes. Dancing is their work and watching them is showing respect to what they do for a living.