Things You Need To Know To Throw The Perfect Party

A perfect party which has a party tent from has nothing to do with having a big house or hiring an elaborate food buffet and professional decor. A perfect party is about creating the right atmosphere to celebrate life and friendship. And creating the right mood is a lot less complicated than you might think.

Things You Need To Know To Throw The Perfect Party

  1. Your Party Starts With You

A hostess willing to have fun is halfway to a lively party. If you’re stressed, running around, your guests will never be at ease. Plan to get everything ready the night before and set aside the day of the party to take care of you. Do your nails, do your hair, choose your clothes and makeup and take a long shower listening to your favorite music.

  1. Your Guests Need Comfort

Count your plates, glasses, and cutlery. If you don’t have enough for all the guests, see if you can borrow it from a friend. Remember, they don’t need to match.

Are there enough seats for all guests? At a party, you want people to interact. Move furniture around to create “chat areas” so that seats are close together. Place chairs facing the sofa and improvise with ottomans, benches, and pillows. Don’t forget to place tables or benches for drinks next to each group of seats.6-things-you-need-to-know-to-give-the-perfect-party-layout

  1. Food Doesn’t Have To Be Sophisticated

A very sophisticated food always brings that question: Does everyone like it? Already a delicious and straightforward food presented attractively is guaranteed success. Who can resist an excellent lasagna or a tempting steaming minced meatloaf served on a lovely platter?

Always calculate the amount of food with slack; your guests have to feel free to repeat.

  1. Every Guest Needs A Drink The Moment They Arrive

There is nothing more embarrassing than arriving at a party that looks like it hasn’t started yet. People are standing around not knowing what to do, empty-handed, waiting for something to happen. Offer your guests a drink as they enter your home. I will repeat it immediately. And no, you don’t need waiters.

Set up a “beverage station” and take your guest there for them to help themselves. You can use a table, sideboard, or tea cart. Arrange the glasses according to the type of drink you will be serving next to the openers, ice bucket, and napkins, and leave the drinks exposed. Bottles of wine, whiskey, and other hot beverages on the table and beer, water, and soda inside containers with ice on the floor under the table. But no Styrofoam! Choose flexible buckets in a color that matches your decor.

Just like food, drink, and ice, there is no shortage of food. Calculate the amount loosely.