How to Book a Celebrity to My Podcast?

Having celebrity guests in a podcast cranks the level of the conversation up, especially if that particular celebrity is heavily interested in the topic. For example, The Joe Rogan Experience, hosted by Joe Rogan, has featured many high profile celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Hart, and even Bernie Sanders. These podcast episodes have produced a terrific and hilarious content that the fans surely loved.

Creating a quality podcast content is a crucial thing to master if you want your fanbase to continue listening to you. It means hiring celebrity talents who are experts in their field, and as well as other personalities. Luckily for you, some agencies have emerged to help you out with your dilemma.

If you have your podcast, you may start to wonder how you can book a celebrity for your podcast. Say no more. These are some tips on how to book a star for your podcast.

Have Quality Content and the Right Fanbase.

Is your content quality enough for a celebrity to attend? Are your listeners sufficiently interested in sustaining a steady fanbase? If not, the quest for booking celebrity guests will be an uphill battle. Of course, you can still try, but the chances of guesting a star are higher when you have well-established devotees.

Booking a Topic Instead of a Person.

The right topics will attract the right listeners. Does your fanbase love comedy? Are they fans of chilling horror stories? Having someone who can cover a particular topic pretty well will solve the problem of guesting a celebrity in your podcast.

Tap Into Your Network.

Start with the hot market. Try to work your way into the people in your contacts. Put the spotlight on people who are well-known in their field and feature them. If not, maybe they have relationships with someone who is.

Send Out Invitations.

You can also try sending out emails to those who interest you. A personalized, well-put podcast invitation email is a way to reach out to celebrities in hopes for a guest appearance. Make sure you use the right invitation template so that the star will notice your email quickly!

Get The Help of Professionals.

If you want to have a specific celebrity on your podcast, and you have the means to do so, you can approach podcast booking agencies to get more exposure to your podcast. They can help you to guest the celebrity you have always sought after.

Stars are strict with their time. Be sure to get straight to the point while maintaining a friendly and professional approach.

How to Find Podcast Guests and Land an Interview with a Celebrity