Enjoying Your Symphony Experience: Things worth Knowing!

Just in case you don’t know, a symphony orchestra is basically a large ensemble of musicians, often counting to hundred of more, playing various kinds of woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion instruments. A person called the conductor directs the musicians, to create what is called the ultimate symphony experience. Enjoying an organ and brass Christmas orchestra could be an incredible outing, and if you are in Dallas, you will find amazing places for such shows. In this post, we are sharing tips and aspects that will take your symphony experience to the next level.

  1. Come early. At many venues, there are actually pre-symphony shows, which are worth the experience, but even if there isn’t any, you would want to come early – at least 30 minutes before the show. Make sure that you take help of the ushers to find your seat. While you can step in a tad late than usual time, you will have to wait for an appropriate pause.
  2. Pay attention and be silent. There is nothing more important than being silent in a symphony. Keep in mind that the musicians are trying to focus on the key piece, and they would want that respect. As for appreciating and applaud, wait for the rest. Do not try to clap in between.
  3. Don’t worry about classic music. Many people start reading up on classical music before they come to a symphony, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it is not necessary. Most of us have heard classical music in movies and daily life, and you will be able to identify with it easily.
  4. Don’t be prejudiced. It is a common myth that one must have a certain taste in music to enjoy a symphony, which is absolutely not true. The whole concept of seeing so many musicians and artists play together and interpret music together in the same way is an enthralling experience to say the least.
  5. Review the place. If you really want value for the symphony tickets, select the right venue. Like we mentioned, there are some really good venues in Dallas, but some are known for their orchestra shows and symphony events, and while tickets can cost a tad more, that money is worth paying for.

Final word

Come to a symphony with an open mind and have fun. If possible, do not bring young children, unless the show is recommended for kids.