Some interesting facts about TeenPatti, the Indian poker

Playing cards have been a part of cultural festivities since ancient times because they serve as a perfect platform to bond with friends and relatives, but like millions of other games, this one has also switched to the virtual format. What is more fantastic than sitting in the comfort of your place and trying your hands with the millions of other skilled players available online? You don’t just play games; you get to build an online social network of like-minded people.

Listed below are some of the prominent card games played in India for ages:

Teen Patti Game – Also known as Indian flush, this 3-card game’s concept is very similar to that of poker played in the west. Pooling funds is done using standard decks of cards, and the best hand determines the winner.

Rummy-It is one of the most popular games among people of all ages. It is a 13-card game that allows only six players maximum to play in one round. With the right skills and strategies, one can master the art of this game.

Bluff-As the name implies this game is about cheating your opponents with the standard deck being subtracted from the joker card. This game requires many skills, and our expressions play a crucial role in letting the opponents make their next move.

These games were just a few, but let us understand the teen patti game in a straightforward way as the game is gaining immense popularity these days.

Understanding the rules:

  • Initially, the money from all the players is pooled in a pot to determine the prize.
  • After this, the dealer deals three cards to each player face down.
  • There is an option to select if you want to play teen Patti as seen or blind. If you opt for the former, then you can see the cards. Otherwise, you won’t see your cards as they remain face down.
  • The game of teenpatti lasts until the last player remaining on the table is the ultimate winner. In the case of the previous two players, if one decides to flash all their cards, the game ends.
  • The person having the combination of best-ranking cards wins. In case of a tie, the one who called for the game loses.
  • The minimum bet for the game of 3patti is agreed upon mutually by the players before the commencement of the game.
  • When playing blind, one has to stake the minimum bet; when playing, the players have to stake two times the minimum bet.

If you wish to play 3 patti online, then the rules aren’t complicated like rocket science, but they always enjoy playing in an online casino set up. A pack of 52 cards is used, excluding the jokers, and players are assigned three cards at any given time. Depending on the rank of cards, the player has to make a move to see if the dealer’s card can be dealt with. After that, when the dealer’s card is revealed, the one with a better hand wins the bet.