Questions To Ask When You Hire A Female Stripper For Your Party

We find that when men look for Bachelor Party Strippers online, many of them find ads posted by unorganised strippers or independent agents who provide poor service and low-quality entertainment at very high prices, making for a poor experience in the end. This means hidden costs and bad parties.

If you want to find the right entertainment, here’s what you should consider asking the agency or strippers themselves.

What’s The Total Cost?

Each stripper agency offers different services.  Prices can be fixed or charged per hour. In addition, you should inquire as to whether the company charges an additional fee for security guards. You might want to hire a stripper for a general show and a private dance with your friend who is getting married,  so see if the agency offers bachelor’s parties separately.

Are The Strippers on The Website Accurate?

If you go online and you find stock images of strippers on the website of the agency, it’s a red flag. You may just get anyone random, and not the girls you chose in the first place. Make sure you’ll be getting the look you want if that’s your personal preference.

Will Strippers Come to A Home or Venue?

Some agencies may not send one singular stripper to a home, or they may need to be accompanied by a guard. Before booking a venue or making other arrangements, such as beer deliveries or catering, it is usually best to get in touch with the agency. If the party will be in a home or on a boat, make sure you get permission from the agency beforehand.

Are There Gender Rules To Obey?

On the off chance that your party is for a same-sex stripper, the agency should be made aware of this. Some strippers may only work with people of the same sex, the opposite sex, or both. If you inform the company in advance, they will be able to accommodate your request and send you a stripper that is compatible with your needs.

Are There Time Limits?

As long as you book well in advance, you can ensure a stripper is available to come to you, regardless of the time of the day. If you want a stripper to work late into the night or the early hours of the morning, the agency should be aware and will charge you accordingly. If you don’t specify this, in the strippers won’t be prepared and may need to leave early.

Are There Rules You Need To Follow?

Agencies often post their guidelines on their site. If there are only a few rules, they may communicate them via email or phone. Customers are typically touched by strippers, but you are not permitted to touch the dancers without permission. If you want to be touched, ask if it’s okay. During a show, some strippers allow gentle touching for polite customers.

On the off chance that you need a stripper for a specific type of party, like a gentleman’s night or bachelor party, or even a milestone birthday, make sure you communicate this with the agency as there are special things the strippers may organise just for the occasion.

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